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  • Our clients properties enjoy 95% occupancy rate.

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  • " Jitka has handled a rather complex mortgage application for me with great success. She was able to succeed where many others have broken their swords. She is a gem. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jitka to anyone looking for a mortgage "

    Maxim Usatov


  • " We have always been satisfied with your service and your staff has always been prompt, courteous and acted professionally. "

    Mark Ragupathy


  • " Of course I was delighted with your service. Your professional manner attatude and comprehensive detail was second to none and I would recommend you to anyone. "

    Thomas Crossan


  • " I have found the Bohemian Estates website both user friendly and informative. The timely update of information together with the ease of access has greatly helped my property management. "

    Adrian Palmer


  • " When selling property overseas you are heavily reliant on the efficiency of agents. I'm pleased to say that I found the service delivered by Bohemian Estates first class and could not be faulted. "

    Dave Smithson


  • " I would always recommend BEI there attention to detail and helpfulness is second to none "



  • " BE have been looking after my apartment in Prague since 2010 having approached me directly. This is a pro-active company who are very informative about the issues that arise with rental property and have made my life a lot easier since I no longer live in Czech Republic. If you are looking for a young and dynamic company in this sector then BE is the company you should approach.Jitka Hrušková, Ing. "

    Dermot McLean


  • " I have known Bohemian for a number of years and have always found them highly professional. Bohemian is run like a family business so it's ethos is one of care for both it's staff and clients, which I believe is the sort of business model that many will find themselves comfortable with. Highly recommended! Bob Sharpe, Senior Partner at Summerhouse Consulting LLP "

    Bob Sharpe


  • " Thanks Mirka and to all the team. Your service and commitment has been 100% and a pleasure to work with. "

    William Coyne


  • " Dear B.E. Thank you for everything!!! We couldn´t have asked for a nicer accomodation + more wonderful associates. You truly made our stay fantastic! "

    Ben and Delia


  • " The service from Bohemian estates was excellent. I didn't bring a European phone so communicated via email, and they responded in a very timely manner and with great help on the few occasions I needed some assistance. They arranged for a driver right from the airport and offered to help us with our departure arrangements. Special thanks for allowing our daughter to be at the apartment to greet us when we arrived! I would use the company again, and really wish I were still there. "



  • " 'Bohemian Estates provide an excellent property management service ensuring that up to date information is always available. Staff are knowledgeable and pay great attention to customer care. We were guided at each step along the way and every element right up until completion was clearly explained. The approach adopted was extremely helpful.' "

    James - UK


  • " BE have managed to find tenants quickly which has been absolutely key. "

    John McKenna

  • " BE are professional and thorough - in short, everything that the previous guys weren't! "

    Caroline Rhodes

  • " As a UK investor, investing overseas, finding a good trustworthy management agent is key to sanity. After having a bad experience with a Prague based agent I moved to Bohemian Estates International. Bohemian have, to date, more than lived up to my high expectations. They are extremely thorough, efficient, professional, great value for money and most importantly trustworthy. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service to any property owner who is looking to maximise the return on their investment and minimise the time spent having to deal with issues." "

    Mark Farrell

  • " Thank you so much for this, you have no idea how much help Bohemian Estates have been to me throughout this whole handover from the previous agnecy. Knights in shining armour the lot of you!! "

    Jane Windle

  • " Wow that's what I call service!  (I'm referring to BE here not the bank!)  Many, many thanks Katerina for helping me out here,  I appreciate it is above and beyond the call of duty as my rental company! Thanks David,  I hope we will meet one day,  so I can thank you in person! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company,  I have a few other overseas property investments and yours is the only rental agency I could say that of! "

    Corinne MacKenzie

  • " Appreciate your concern and help. You have a fantastic team and I once again thank you for exceptional service. "

    Sandeep Gupta

  • " Amazing. Your running your company in an excellent manner. Iam really impressed! "

    Stephan Egle

  • " Dear Jan, Thank you for your prompt reply. I am very happy with your company. I have properties in Phuket and Bodrum, but estate agents are very bad. I feel lucky to have a wonderful and reliable agent in Prague. Regards "

    Reiko Millar

  • " Hello Jan, Thank you very much and I am glad you are now my agents. I have no criticism of you at all. I look forward to working with you. Thank you again Ps You and BE are very very efficient at sorting everything out! "

    Simon Harrison

  • " But most of all to say thank you in person for the whole team's support and tenacity during the sale of our property.  Look forward to seeing you next week. "

    Sue Tan

  • " Hi Tomas, Happy New Year to you too ! Thank you very much for the update .. all looks good to me and I am very happy with how the flat is being managed. Best rgards "

    Richard Gower

  • " Hi Tomas Excellent. I'm very pleased with your service so far. Many thanks, Phil "

    Phil Brown

  • " Hello all, I am very grateful for the help that you are all providing to get my issues resolved - Hana, your assistance with banking/mortgage problems is excellent, thank you - Anna, Katerina, getting the service charges and fees for each unit straightened out will help my planning greatly, thank you "

    Neil Robinson

  • " Dear Anna Thank you so much for all this.  Your efficient and professional handling of my affairs is very reassuring.  I will post the POA for the Tax Return back to you tomorrow. Kind regards "

    Ciara O´Rourke

  • " Anna You are a star! I could not ask for a better response or thorough explanation. I appreciate your prompt response. So glad I moved over to BEI. Hope your boss appreciates how good you are? Best wishes and thanks again. "


  • " Hi David, For the record I do appreciate that your team are working hard during difficult market conditions and I am very pleased with the very efficient and professional service I've received from Katka. Kind regards "

    Corinne MacKenzie

  • " thanks MISA. thanks for the photos. you did a great job. almost thought you painted it yourself. good to see the studio looking so smart since we went over ourselves to check it out. very well done. and although empty, or minimalistic, gives the tenant the chance to put their own stamp or personality on it. very happy alltold. thank you once again. "