Investment in real estate development

Since we know the market well, we are able to find exceptional investment opportunities. We use our experience when realising our own development projects. Partner with us and benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Ing. David Novotný


Who is this service intended for?

For private and institutional investors, who are aiming for an appreciation of their financial resources in new-build or renovation projects.

How it works

We find exceptional investment opportunities for real estate development and offer you the possibility of becoming our investment partner. We secure full project management and provide consultancy in all phases of the project. We offer all kinds of partnerships and levels of cooperation.

What the service includes

Project management




Project design




Marketing and sales


  • Assessment of the investment plan and proposal of the most effective solution of the development project with respect to the current situation on the market
  • Consultancy with architectural plans, unit proportion and unit dispositions with the goal of avoiding mistakes and achieving the greatest demand for the property in the future
  • Marketing and sales plans, including pricing
  • High quality web presentation with photorealistic 3D visualizations
  • Proposal of a marketing and sales strategy
  • Proposal of contractual documentation and legal services from our legal department
  • Professional mortgage services from our mortgage department
  • Provision of sales, communication with buyers, negotiation of terms and conditions and changes
  • Handover of the property to clients

At your request, we would be happy to present you with specific case studies and the latest investment opportunities of our development projects.


properties on offer

Additional services

Acquisition of properties for development projects

If you own a building plot or a block of flats suitable for renovation, we can propose its appreciation; we prepare a feasibility study, and offer other useful forms of cooperation. We would also be happy to help you with an unfinished project.

Service for developers

We provide real estate consultancy and services for developers. Our goal is to maximise sales prices of each project.

Invest into real estate development with a partner knowledgeable of the local market.


David Novotný
Owner/managing director

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