Let's share the care of your property. You reap the returns, we do the rest.


properties managed

98 %

average occupancy rate* 

9,7 %

year-on-year return **


You want to invest in properties?

We ensure a profitable and safe investment opportunity.

  • Above average returns
  • Immediate access to property offers
  • Legal checks and technical inspections of properties

You want your property to be managed?

We take over all hassle concerning your flat or house

  • Complete property management
  • Finding tenants
  • Guaranteed rental income


properties on offer
David Novotný

Bohemian Estates International

We provide comprehensive services in investment property management since 2006. We manage more than 1200 properties worth 7 billion CZK in our own country and abroad. We have offices in Prague, Brno and Ostrava


BE are professional and thorough - in short, everything that the previous guys weren’t!

Caroline Rhodes


Appreciate your concern and help. You have a fantastic team and I once again thank you for exceptional service.

Sandeep Gupta


Amazing. You’re running your company in an excellent manner. I am really impressed!

 Stephan Egle


We have always been satisfied with your service and your staff has always been prompt, courteous and acted professionally.

Mark Ragupathy


Of course I was delighted with your service. Your professional manner attitude and comprehensive detail was second to none and I would recommend you to anyone.

Thomas Crossan


I would always recommend BEI. Their attention to detail and helpfulness is second to none



Hi Tomas. Excellent. I’m very pleased with your service so far. Many thanks.

Phil Brown


Dear Anna. Thank you so much for all this. Your efficient and professional handling of my affairs is very reassuring. Kind regards

Ciara O’Rourke


Anna. You are a star! I could not ask for a better response or thorough explanation. I appreciate your prompt response. So glad I moved over to BEI.



Hi David, I do appreciate that your team are working hard during difficult market conditions and I am very pleased with the very efficient and professional service I’ve received from Katka. Kind regards

Corinne MacKenzie


Dear David, on behalf of Thomas Kathy and myself, I would like to record our appreciation for your efforts over the years. Since you first got involved in the management of the Canfield property your professionalism and integrity has always been exemplary and a source of great comfort to us. It was through your initiative that we first met and I would like to think that not only did we forge a mutually beneficial relationship but we also developed a personal friendship that will continue to endure. You will always be welcome in Ireland and hopefully you will make a trip with your family in the near future.