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Comprehensive services for investors and residential developers

Rental housing administration, marketing and sales promotion, consulting

Do you find yourself here?

We advise and help increase profits in every situation

We provide the following services for residential developers and real estate funds (details can be found below on the webpage):

  • Complete marketing and sales of rental apartments

    From the logo, project concept, and website graphics through the deployment of media advertising to communication with buyers and handover of apartments. We cover the services of marketing agencies, and real estate agencies.

  • Rental housing administration

    You earn 7% more with us – and without worries about rent selection, repairs, administration… and everything else.

  • Do you offer investors a development project yourself?

    With us, you will sell housing units on average 5% above the market price.

  • Project consultation during the preparation phase

    Based on 16 years of experience and hard data from the real estate market, we can advise you on how to build so that your apartments meet all the expectations of your tenants.

  • We arrange rentals for employees, colleagues from abroad or students

    Conveniently and with zero investment into administration or time on your part.

Marketing a prodej

Marketing and sales

With a single partner – and therefore more effectively

  • Bohemian Estates effectively (and economically) combines the services of a real estate agency and a marketing agency.
  • Thanks to our own information system, we have complete data from the real estate market, which we use to precisely target the needs and situation of your ideal client.
  • We assess the investment plan and propose the most effective solution for the development project with regard to the current situation on the real estate market

  • We provide consultation in the creation of architectural plans, layouts, and composition of units in order to eliminate errors and maximize future demand

  • We design a marketing and sales strategy, including pricing, graphics, logos, concept, media advertising, and oversee its implementation

  • We create a website with faithful and realistic 3D visualizations

  • Our legal department drafts contractual documentation and provides legal services

  • The internal mortgage department of Bohemian Estates provides mortgage services

  • We oversee planned sales, communication with buyers, negotiate business conditions or changes, and hand over the real estate to the client

Sales support

With guaranteed rental payments, sell your apartment 5% above the market price

  • Are you selling your project yourself? With guaranteed rental payments and therefore a certain return for investors, you will sell it for a higher purchase price - with us by an average of 5%.
  • Today, 40% of apartments in new buildings are bought by investors for rental purposes. The ratio of rental housing over housing is increasing, and this trend is set to continue.
  • Certain rental payments increase the attractiveness of the real estate in the eyes of the investor, which gives you a competitive advantage. Therefore, we recommend stating this fact with a specific amount in your future price list.
  • Option of selling a large number of apartments to larger investors looking for passive income (cooperation with Bohemian Estates)
  • Interesting commission evaluation for each rented apartment

Apartments market price

500 000 000 CZK

How much will I get

With Bohemian Estates
525 000 000 CZK Inquire
Extra earnings
25 000 000 CZK

Administration of rental housing

With a 12% higher yield – and no worries

  • You manage a residential portfolio or build apartments for rental housing real estate, which ones do you want to keep then?
  • Leave the worries with rental payments and tenants to us, and obtain a 12% higher yield.
  • No work and no worries: We take care of everything, you collect.


This service is also intended for real estate funds.

Apartments market price

18 000 000 CZK

How much will I get

With Bohemian Estates
20 160 000 CZK Inquire
Extra earnings
2 160 000 CZK
Time savings
70 hours / unit per year
Konzultace projektu nájemního bydlení

Consultations on rental housing projects

Build the way people want to live

At Bohemian Estates, we know exactly what tenant expectations new apartments must meet. To-date, we have rented over 10,000 apartments. In addition to 16 years of experience, we also use our own information system with data from the entire real estate market in the Czech Republic.

Therefore, we can provide you with sound advice on:

  • Suitable layouts of housing units
  • The composition of apartments
  • Rental prices
  • Type and number of services
  • Project ROI
  • How and where to reach the target group of tenants
Bydlení pro firemní zaměstnance a studenty

Accommodation for company employees and students

Accommodation for employees, domestic and foreign colleagues, or students of your institution in a rented apartment or house – without worries, “made-to-measure” and at a good price. Long-term and short-term.

  • Vacant apartments on offer whenever you need them
  • Zero administrative burden on your part
  • We take care of your energy billing and insurance
  • We solve repairs and technical matters for you
  • We process documentation in Czech and English
  • Client support provided in Czech and English
  • Assistance in dealing with the authorities (for non-Czech speakers)
  • Apartments with TV and internet

8 reasons to earn more on your real estate with Bohemian Estates

The first choice of customers since 2006

We are the most experienced and long-term best-rated rental apartment manager on the Czech market. Since 2006, we have managed over 1,200 properties worth over 7 billion CZK. We pay out 200,000,000 CZK in rental payments each year.

We will increase the value of your property

We increase the selling prices of your real estate by an average of 5%, and rental income by 7%. You don't have to do anything.

Rental guarantee every month

Guaranteed rent from Bohemian Estates makes your development project attractive to investors - and it earns you more.

We take over the risks

We take over the risks of damage to the apartment, nonpayers, and an unoccupied apartment.

Leading edge thanks to technology

Our own information system evaluates market data and monitors the terms of leases. Thanks to this, we rent your property for more than the competition.

Constant overview of your property

Thanks to our Client Zone (also available as a mobile app), you always have complete information about your real estate portfolio at hand: apartment occupancy, revenues, repairs, automatic pricing of the managed portfolio based on the market price, etc.

We carefully inspect the tenants

Nonpayers do not receive the keys: We check all potential tenants in the registers of debtors and in the criminal records.

Professional services under one roof

Each part of the administration of your real estate is covered by our specialized teams of experts. Due to the absence of outsourcing, we not only have an overview of everything, but we can also guarantee top quality services with a clear conscience.
Specializovaná oddělení

Specialized departments

  • Management of long-term rentals
  • Management of short-term rentals
  • Building administration
  • Real estate rentals
  • Real estate sales
  • Real estate search
  • Technical reports
  • Accounting department
  • Legal department
  • Insurance and mortgages


Miroslav Šebesta
I have been cooperating with Bohemian Estates for a long time. They understand the real estate market and its potential well. They provide services at a high professional level.

Miroslav Šebesta

Member of the Board, JRD Group a.s.

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Our lovely receptionist Pavla accepts a signed rental agreement from a tenant
Our lovely receptionist Pavla accepts a signed rental agreement from a tenant