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Price list of other services

Comparison of variants
Service Price

Work of a technician or gardener

690 CZK / each started hour + material, 990 CZK outside working hours

Administrator services - physical presence at meetings (banks, offices, etc.) or in the property

790 CZK / each started hour

Coordination and supervision of third party contractors - 5-20% of the contract price, depending on the workload and volume:

5-20% of the contract volume

up to 20 thous. CZK - 20%
20-50 thousand. 15-20%
50-100 thous. CZK - 10-15%
over 100 ths. CZK - 5-10%

Insurance coverage

1.000 CZK

Processing of real estate tax returns

1.500 CZK

Mortgage service

Free of charge

Administrative fee for processing the confirmation or consent for the tenant

1.000 CZK

Billing of services to tenants of apartment buildings

990 CZK/unit/year – charged to tenants in the utility bill
Prices excluding VAT