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Meet Bohemian Estates, so you know who is on your side

Our family business manages over 1,200 properties in the Czech Republic and abroad worth 7 billion CZK

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Company story

We have been helping clients for 16 years to earn the maximum for every square meter

David Novotný

Hello, my name is David Novotný, and I am the founder and CEO of Bohemia Estates. You are reading this because I am convinced that if we know each other well there will be mutual trust – and this is a prerequisite for any long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our family business was born in 2006, at the time of the then real estate boom. At that time, I met a number of foreign investors in the Czech Republic, in particular from the United Kingdom and Ireland. They had one thing in common: buying investment real estate was a painful experience for them.

The language barrier, nonsensical bureaucracy, real estate, management, mortgage, legal, and accounting services provided by at least five different companies - these were all serious obstacles to their investments in the Czech real estate market.

The Czech Republic lacked a company that would effectively address these issues on behalf of the owners. Therefore, in 2006 I decided to establish a company that would offer small and large investors a “made-to-measure” solution to managing and investing in residential and commercial real estate.

I had the main thing that was need at that time: a clear, bold vision. I wanted clients of Bohemian Estates to find all the necessary services under one roof, complemented by the professional advice of a qualified partner with a perfect knowledge of the local market.

Experience with foreign investors, the need to see the investments with their own eyes, the need to protect their interests and take responsibility for the results of cooperation have fundamentally shaped the values and nature of the services that our company provides today. Today, even you can benefit from them.

Management Bohemian Estates
Bohemian Estates zaměstnanec

We gradually opened branches in Prague, Brno, and Ostrava… and now we manage over 1,200 properties in the Czech Republic and abroad with a total value of 7 billion CZK.

Today we are one of the largest and most experienced rental property managers in the Czech Republic.

Our mission is to add value and take care of the assets of our clients, which allows us to build long-term relationships with them based on absolute trust. This is one of the main reasons why we love and enjoy our work so much.

If you are not yet our client and you need additional guarantees, here is the most solid one: as a father of two, I do not want to sell the company, but hand it over to my sons when the time comes.

Bohemian Estates meeting

Because there is no investor behind us, we have 100% freedom to do things the way we think everyone should do them on the real estate market:

  • Be the best at what we do.
  • Invest heavily in the development of the company and technologies so that clients and employees have the best possible tools at their disposal.
  • Always be on the side of the client, and be as close to them as possible – our people will be happy to meet you (unlike most competitors) in person.

If you try us, I believe you will agree with me.


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