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Short-term rentals with guaranteed rental payments, and with no risks or worries

With us, you earn 4% more than if you take care of the apartment yourself. But most importantly, you save 960 hours per year, and you will be able to sleep well at night.

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Short-term rental department leadership

Let your apartment earn 4% more. Without lifting a finger.

  • Short-term rentals are intended primarily for owners of flats and apartments in city centers or in tourist areas. The rental period ranges from a few days to one year.
  • In addition to a higher yield compared to long-term rentals, the advantage of short-term rentals is that the apartment suffers less wear and tear. It is not busy all the time and tourists or managers (the most frequent type of guests) usually use it only for sleeping in.
  • We take care of the entrusted apartment for you: We provide regular cleaning, inspections, all the administration, and take care of the guests.
  • And best of all: If we agree on the administration of the apartment with guaranteed rental payments, then you receive the amount on your account every month on the exact day - even outside the tourist season.


Calculate how much more you can you earn on short-term rentals with us and how much time you can save

How much is the rent

25 000 CZK

How much I will get

With Bohemian Estates
26 000 CZK per month Inquire
How much more do you earn?
12 000 CZK / year
Time savings
612 hours / year (a third of your working time)

9 reasons to rent short-term with Bohemian Estates

With Tereza and Katerina, your short-term rental will be like a dream
With Tereza and Katerina, your short-term rental will be like a dream

Permanently occupied apartment

With us, you can be sure that guests will know about all your flats or apartments – and they will be permanently occupied: Our own, robust reservation system is connected to all large reservation portals. We also cooperate with international companies that regularly accommodate foreign employees, as well as with travel agencies.

Professional presentation

A professional presentation will ensure they will like the apartment “at first sight”.

We communicate with the guests for you

We take care of communication with guests (or with associations of unit owners), handing over the apartment and the related care of tenants.

We provide maintenance

We regularly inspect the apartments and provide repairs and regular maintenance (in the event of extraordinary events such as a water or gas leak, we operate a 24/7 emergency line).

We will take care of the cleaning

We provide cleaning and washing of bed linen or towels in a top laundry, as well as the receipt and processing of post.

Regular reports

We send you regular reports on the revenue from the apartment in the BES system and other statistics every month.

Constant overview

You gain access to the Client Zone (also available as a mobile app), where you can clearly see the occupancy, yield and development of your investment, the condition of the apartment, and anything else at any time.

One contact person

A single, dedicated operator is always available for your questions and suggestions.

Guaranteed rent

If you want the certainty of a regular monthly income, we offer the administration of the apartment with a guaranteed rent. We will then send the amount to your account every month, regardless of whether the apartment is being rented or not.

Additional services

To be ordered separately


Jiří Krejčí
Bohemian Estates has been taking care of our real estate since February 2013. We believe that our cooperation will last for many years to come.

Jiří Krejčí

Managing Director at ISS Europe

How it works

Your journey to earning from your apartment with short-term rentals

Vaše cesta ke zhodnocení bytu s krátkodobým pronájmem
  1. We evaluate your apartment

    The first step will be to evaluate whether your flat or apartment is suitable for short-term rentals (location, layout, condition of the apartment, etc.) in terms of profitability.
    This is where your role ends, from now on we take care of everything.

  2. We take over the apartment and accommodate the guests

    We actively search for and accommodate guests. We provide cleaning and laundry services, and take on all of the worries associated with the management of the apartment, i.e., communication with energy suppliers, authorities, maintenance workers, as well as the payment of services, etc.

  3. You receive the rental payments

    And that's all, we take care of the rest. Maybe one thing: you can monitor how your apartment earns and your investment appreciates at any time in the Client Zone of our online administration system.

Do you have any questions?

Before contacting us, take a look at the FAQ.

Why should I let you manage my apartment if I can do it myself?
Yes, you certainly can, but before you decide, consider this: Professionally managed real estate usually achieves a higher (and more stable) occupancy, and therefore earns more than if it is managed by the owner themselves. Another reason is that we have many years of experience in dealing with various unpleasant situations during the rental. However, if you want to solve this on your own, it’s entirely up to you.
How do you guarantee the condition of the apartment, equipment, and furniture? How do you prevent damage or loss?
We compile a detailed list of furniture and equipment for each apartment under our administration. This is checked by our staff upon arrival and departure. In addition, we collect a reasonable deposit from each guest when booking the accommodation. We also have their credit card details. If anything happens to the apartment or its equipment, the guest pays for it - just like at a hotel.
How do I check the number of bookings and how do I receive the rental payments?
We collect all rental payments through a secure payment gateway on our website. For your review, each payment is recorded by our internal system, which you can easily find after entering the Client Zone. You can also see all outgoing payments (for energy, internet, etc.). After deducting the administrative fee, we transfer the amount to your bank account every month.

Turn your apartment into a “hotel” and earn up to 7% more

Our lovely receptionist Pavla accepts a signed rental agreement from a tenant
Our lovely receptionist Pavla accepts a signed rental agreement from a tenant

BES – Bohemian Estates System – a unique information system for real estate management developed by Bohemian Estates

  • The client zone provides clear reports on the lease and the condition of the property
  • It analyzes the prices of rented properties and suggests the ideal ratio between maximum rent and occupancy
  • Monitors important dates such as lease expirations for timely advertising
  • Automatically reminds tenants via SMS and email
  • Generates electronic rental and client contracts
  • Provides a helpdesk for tenant requests
  • Organizes the work of technicians and other company employees
  • Searches real estate advertising and looks for the most interesting investment opportunities
Bohemian Estates System