Property management

Property management is our forté. Forget all the hassle with tenants and just think of the stable rental income. 

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Robert Poppl - Bohemian Estates - prodej nemovitostí

What services we offer real estate management


Guaranteed rent


Property management of long-term rentals


Property management of short-term rentals


Apartment building property management

Why choose us

We will help you get rid of all hassle concerning ensuring a regular income from your rental property. We have been managing property since 2006. We manage more than 1200 properties of 7 billion CZK value. We reach 98% occupancy in long-term rental properties and 72% occupancy in short-term rental properties.

A property that is managed by our company has fewer voids in rent and greater rental income than properties managed by the owners themselves. The overall income significantly exceeds the costs for our service. Your property will earn more than ever, and be absolutely stress-free with no effort.