Apartment building property management

Property management of apartment buildings needs a lot of care if the intention of the investment is not to become a succession of failures and complaints. 

Ing. David Novotný


Who is this service intended for

Property management of apartment buildings is aimed at owners who would like to stabilise their income and get rid of the everyday hassle of running a rental building. It is also for future property owners, who might be interested in this service since the management will soon become their worry, too.

Do you own a commercial or mixed use property?
We manage properties of all kinds.

How it works

We represent you in all matters connected to the administrative and technical maintenance of the building and its units. We look for tenants, conclude tenancy contracts, deal with possible defaulters. We manage technical maintenance of the building, including service inspections, hotline, etc. we deal with complaints and warranty claims. We do the accounting, and take care of insurance. Your property’s performance can be monitored any time in our online system.

What does the apartment building property management include

  • Finding tenants
  • Credit checks - vetting tenants for existing debts. We are one of few companies who do this. It significantly reduces the risk of renting your property to defaulters.
  • Systematic minimisation of voids in renting. Average occupancy rate in long-term rentals is 98%.
  • Conclusion of tenancies and monitoring their expiry
  • Conclusion of contracts with suppliers and energy service, billing to tenants, implementing energy meter readings
  • Insurance contracts and monitoring their expiry
  • Tenants check in/out
  • Inventory and registrations of keys
  • All communication with tenants
  • Rent collection, notifications, judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of un-paid rent
  • Regular property inspection of structural conditions
  • Regular service checks and checks of technical equipment under applicable Czech law
  • Monitoring technical conditions and preparing a yearly plan of repairs with professional price estimation
  • Warranty and post-warranty claims
  • 24-hour hotline
  • Transparent accounting
  • Tax return, profit and loss report
  • Management of bank accounts and all ingoing and outgoing payments
  • Consultancy, strategic investment planning in order to reach the highest profitability
  • Security of the building
  • Cleaning service
  • Personal assistant
  • Online reporting system with all information about your property

How much does property management of buildings costs

After we have gotten acquainted with the details of your property we are happy to make you an offer tailored especially for your property.

Advantages of our property management

We take over all communication with tenants, utility suppliers, authorities, accountants, maintenance people etc. You communicate with one company only!

We ensure rental income with extremely high reliability

Online reporting system 24/7.

Additional services

Is your property profitable? Let us calculate how much would it earn with our property management and you can compare it!


David Novotný
Owner/managing director

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