Guaranteed rent

To whom guaranteed rent is for

Everyone who wants to receive regular rental income every month and not having to worry about anything. Ideal for mortgage buyers who do not want to get into trouble when the apartment is not occupied by the tenant, or when the tenant does not pay.

How does it work?

We rent the property from you, we look for a reliable tenant on whom we run credit checks. We enter into a sublease agreement with the tenant, we pay you the agreed rent, even if the property is not occupied by the subtenants or they do not pay. We take care of the subtenant and the property in your behalf. We guarantee to hand over the property in a perfect condition after the end of the lease.


  • Introduction of the cooperation in our office

  • Visit of your property and estimation of the rent

  • Agreement of terms and signature of the lease

  • Regular income and no worries

  • Guarantee of hand over of the property in perfect state


  • Real estate advertising and sourcing a reliable subtenant

  • Verification of the subtenant’s credit history

  • Signing over of utility meters

  • Property insurance

  • Rent collection and reminders

  • Regular online reports and property photos

  • Provision of repairs and regular maintenance

Advantages of guaranteed rent

Guarantee of regular income even in case of vacancy of the property or non paying tenants

Guarantee of return of the property in perfect condition

No risk of non-paying tenants, rent voids, or property damage

No stress about tenants, property and repairs


How much you pay for the service, how we determine the amount of the rent?

Based on the visit of your property, we will determine its market rent. We deduct approximately 15% of the market rent, which is the rent that we guarantee after signature of the contract.

How fast do we rent your property?

Unlike realtors, we do not rely solely on real estate websites. In addition to all major real estate portals, we find solvent, reliable corporate tenants, thanks to long-term cooperation with international corporations, schools, and proactive direct local marketing. On average, we will find a tenant within two weeks.

What if the tenant does not pay

We run history and credit checks on each and every tenant. If there is even one record, we will not conclude a lease with him/her.

We use bulletproof rental contracts, forged by more than a decade of practice, which enable us to efficiently dispose of non-paying tenants. Nonetheless, we guarantee regular monthly rent to the owner, even if the tenant does not pay, or the property is vacant.

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