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6 reasons to contact Bohemian Estates

vyhledání investic

We look for profitable and safe investment opportunities


We will help you to get rid of hassle with renting and management of your property


We will secure 9.7% p.a. appreciation of your investment


We manage over 1200 properties of 7 billion CZK value


We provide a complete package of services under one roof


Our services earn more than they cost and they save your time

How Bohemian Estates was born

During the real estate boom, I used to meet a lot of foreign investors, especially from Great Britain and Ireland, for whom a property purchase was a stressful experience. The language barrier, purposeless paperwork, seeking real estate, management, mortgage, legal and accounting services at least by five different companies – all these were huge obstacles to investment on the Czech market.

So in 2006 I decided to establish a company which would offer big and small property investors a truly comprehensive solution for their property management and property investment needs. All services under one roof with the advice of a professional and qualified partner acquainted with the local market.

Our experience with foreign investors, the ability to see the investments through their eyes, the necessity of protecting their interests and the need to take over the responsibility for results of our actions have formed our values and the nature of services we provide today.

We have opened offices in Prague, Brno and Ostrava and we manage more than 1200 properties worth 7 billion CZK in our own country and abroad.

Our mission is to appreciate and care for the assets of our clients, which enables us to create long term relationships based on utmost trust. This is one of the main reasons why we enjoy and love our work so much.


David Novotný
Founder/managing director



Company management


Ing. David Novotný

Founder and Managing Director
David graduated with a degree in International Economics and Management. He started collecting his real estate experience in Spain in 2000. Since 2005 he has been in charge of business development at Happy House Rentals; after spending a year there, he became a co-owner, responsible mainly for brand marketing. By the end of 2006 he founded Bohemian Estates. David speaks English, German, Spanish, Russian, French and sign language. He considers himself a family man, his family consisting of his wife and three children - two sons and Bohemian Estates. He loves traveling, photography and cooking.
Michaela B.

Ing. Michaela Bajerová

Executive personal assistant and property manager
If you visit our headquarters early in the morning, you will probably meet the always smiling Míša. Míša graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, and she has chosen to work for our company to increase her knowledge in real estates. Besides her passion for this field, she loves communicating with people and the joy of a 'job well done'.

Bc. Robert Poppl

Real Estate Director
Robert has been working in real estate since 2002. While closing his first deals, he earned a bachelor's degree from ČZU (Czech University of Life Sciences). Throughout his career he has realized several hundred real estate transactions with a turnover over 60 million Euros, gaining hundreds of satisfied clients, which is his main goal. He is the co-author of unique software monitoring all real estate advertising and auctions. When not working, Robert, or Bob, likes to spend time with his family, and enjoys cycling. You can also meet him as a spinning instructor at the gym. Robert's motto – which he can certainly help to implement in your life –, is: "Realize your dreams, but don't sleep through your life."

Berit Veselá

Head of office management and HR
Berit is in charge of all personnel and financial matters of the company, as well as complete administrative support of the headquarters. She has spent many years in office management and without a doubt counts amongst seasoned pros. Her position in Bohemian Estates offers the perfect combination of enjoying both numbers and people. It is important for Berit to create high-quality and pleasant working environment that has a positive effect on employees' lives. Her batteries are recharged by good mood and loud laughter.

Invoicing, billing and payment records


Tereza Kohoutková

Invoicing, billing and payment records
All the invoices and payment records are handled by our lovely Terezka, always sharp-eyed and meticulous. If there is a mistake you can be sure it will be found and corrected at lightning speed. Do not be fooled by her cute face and sweet voice, she can get pretty furious if things are wrong :o) Terezka loves order, working with numbers and her colleagues.

Recepce centrály v Holešovicích


Mgr. Alena Čiernohorská

Headquarters receptionist
If you visit our headquarters in Holešovice, you will receive a warm welcome from Alenka, who is always ready with a sweet smile, willingness to help and a cup of excellent coffee. After completing her master's degree in Media and Communication, Alenka spent six months in the US and then back in the Czech Republic she started to further develop her communication and organizational skills in various administrative positions. She got attracted to Bohemian Estates by the friendly atmosphere and opportunities to improve her communication and administration skills - especially in the area of accounting and business. She is also very motivated and challenged by the expansion of her real estate horizons.

Acquisitions, Insurance and Real estate Affairs


Jan Jaša

Sales Manager
Jan has been through plenty of experience in the banking industry, where for many years he was helping his clients to make the right investment choices. He has always considered investment in real estate to be one of the safest and most profitable options, and therefore decided to leave the banking sector and fully focus on its potential. When recruiting new clients, he consistently tries to put himself in their position and empathize with their needs in order to find the best suited way of cooperation that will lead to long-term and mutual satisfaction. The part of his job he enjoys the most is getting to know new people, and also the amazing value for money that real estate offers to owners.

Pavlína Skalová

Real Estate Agent
Pavlína has been working for Bohemian Estates for six years and she loves her job. Her career enables her to link the two biggest passions of her life: real estate and people. She takes great pride in being able to fulfil the fundamental human need – the need for housing – through her work. She is the happiest when she manages to arrange perfect combination of client and property, and therefore contributes to a dream of a lovely home come true. Thanks to her solid experience and excellent knowledge of the real estate market, Pavlína has helped hundreds of clients to find the perfect property.

Bc. Yury Vachugov

Mortgage and acquisition specialist
Our mortgage specialist Yury, who speaks fluent Russian and English, will help you with all kinds of mortgage loans. Yury has a bachelor's degree in finance and many years of experience in the banking sector. Do not hesitate to ask him about available real estate insurance options or best use of your property. His vast experience and knowledge of the banking industry, combined with the university degree in finance, allow him to provide exclusive and highly professional services. In his spare time Yury loves riding his motorbike, discovering the wonders of the Czech Republic and Europe; in winter he enjoys snowboarding in the mountains.

Kateřina Krištofová

Real Estate Agent
When Kačka returned to the Czech Republic after twelve years providing client service in the field of tourism and accommodation in Spain, the possibility to do what she enjoys the most – working with people and offering help – has presented itself as a clear choice and she joined our team at Bohemian Estates. Kačka has a great sense of organization and scrupulous eye for detail; meeting new people fills her with positive energy and optimism. A 'job well done' is what makes her happy. The part of her job she enjoys the most is the capacity to help people find the perfect homes, whether they are permanent or temporary. Kačka speaks fluent English, Spanish and Italian, and her hobbies include traveling, water sports, salsa and languages. She is currently studying German and Russian.

Ing. Jiřina Saňová a Chica

Head of Short Term Department

A devoted enthusiast, fighter, eternal optimist with a song on her lips and some yummy snack to offer: this is just a short introduction that can be made about our short-term rental manager. Jířa graduated from the University of Economics, majoring in Management and Business Economics, with a minor in tourism. Ever since her studies, travel and tourism have been essential elements of her life. She has over twenty years experience in this field. Jířa went around the world with a travel agency, lived several months in Italy – which she fell madly in love with – and then decided to devote her enthusiasm and experience to the short-term rental sector, where she can also fully utilize her economic knowledge. Jířa speaks English, Russian and Italian.


Mgr. Aneta Tučková

Property manager
If you decide to entrust us with your property, you can look forward to working closely with this warm-hearted and highly capable property manager. Anet has a degree in translation, speaks English and Russian on a professional level, and is now studying German. She got attracted to Bohemian Estates due to her long-term interest in real estate, great pleasure in providing client service and the company's international environment. She particularly enjoys the diversity, creativity and opportunities to see immediate results. You can be absolutely sure that Anet will take care of your property with the same love and care as she does with all the flora and fauna in our Těšnov office. If you come visit, you will see for yourself.

Bc. Hana Anderová

Booking manager
Hanka loves fantasy, unicorns and fairy tales. And it seems it is also her real-life mission to create this fairy-tale and fantastic world around her. She is the nicest and most patient person you will come across. Hanka graduated from the University of Hospitality and has been absolutely captivated by the tourism industry. She started short-term accommodating guests during her university studies, and has now spent over five years in this area. She especially loves the diversity of the job, environment where she can meet many interesting people and get to know different cultures, and also enjoys helping people during their stay in Prague.

Simona Šetková

Receptionist and Front Office Employee
Even though Simonka is our newest team member, she seems to have always belonged here. Her beautiful smile and eternal optimism is contagious. Simona speaks English and Spanish and has many years of experience in client service. In her work she particularly appreciates the everyday possibility of using foreign languages, meeting foreign cultures and the opportunity to help people during their stay in Prague.

Markéta Bečičková

 Vedoucí provozních činností oddělení krátkodobých pronájmů
Head of operating activities of Short Term Department
Markéta má za sebou přes dvacet let zkušeností v oblasti hotelnictví. Pod jejím dohledem si můžete být maximálně jistí, že apartmány budou v perfektním stavu a vaši hosté budou mít během svého pobytu vše, co potřebují, včetně běloskvoucího prádla. Markéta má na starosti zejména vedení a koordinaci týmu našich vlastních uklízeček a techniků a provozní činnosti celého oddělení. Na své práci oceňuje zejména její pestrost a dynamiku, kdy každý den je naprosto odlišný od toho předchozího. Největší radost Markétě přináší pocit dobře fungujícího týmu a viditelnost výsledků své práce. Markéta věří, že dynamičnost tohoto odvětví zakládá neustálou potřebu zlepšování a vylepšování, což je pro ni výzvou a zároveň motivací.

Mgr. Sandra Šebánková a Chica

Property manager
If you decide to entrust us with your property, you can look forward to working closely with this lovely and highly capable property manager. After graduating in political science, Sandra spent some time in Great Britain. After her return, she immersed herself in the real estate business, where she has been working for over five years. In particular, she appreciates the dynamism and diversity of the job. Sandra speaks English and French, and thanks to her enthusiasm and grace she is able to handle and negotiate almost anything you need regarding your property. What Sandra cares about the most is client satisfaction. She follows the motto: The client always comes first. She loves good wine, yoga and swimming.

Lucie Cibulková

Reservation Manager
Lucka will immediately charm you with her pleasant voice and professional behaviour. She has many years of experience in client service, both in tourism and business. Before joining Bohemian Estates, she spent four years in Australia, from where she most likely brought her wide smile, optimism and typical phrase when welcoming guests: 'How’s it going?'. She loves the dynamics of the job and daily interaction with people who fills her with positive energy.

Václav Rozman

Receptionist and Front Office Employee
Our cooperation with Vašek started when he was fifteen years old and we have already spent four great years together. After graduating from grammar school top of his class, he is now entering a tourism-focused university. If you are lucky and meet Vašek when working, he will surprise you with his professionalism, lovely smile and willingness to help. Vašek speaks fluent English and sign language, and is studying German.

Zdeněk Novotný

Airport Shuttle Driver
Zdeněk will immediately surprise you with his helpfulness, friendliness and professionalism. He is an excellent driver and provides guests with an unforgettable little tour experience during the trip. With a smile, Zdeněk points out all the monuments and important places in Prague, managing all this despite being deaf.

Bc. Veronika Havlíková

Head of Short-term Department Brno
Veronika is the perfect combination of pro-client and business spirit. She is in charge of all our properties in Brno, Mikulov and Nosislav, managing short-term rentals. She likes that her job is full of challenges, action, diversity and dynamism, and also requires lots of organizational, business and communication skills. She treats her work as a never-ending opportunity for improvement, and is particularly concerned with the wellbeing of her clients - property owners, and tourists exploring the beauty of Moravia. Verča is currently completing two master programs, namely Business Economics and Management, and Sports Management - besides her love for real estate, tourism and business, she also enjoys sports, especially basketball.

Richard Hajduk

Receptionist and Front Office Employee
If you are staying in one of our apartments in Brno, it will probably be the charismatic Ríša welcoming you at the property with a smile on his face and willingness to help. Ríša comes from Slovakia and came to Brno to study. He has been living there for 5 years now and is slowly completing his medical studies at Masaryk University. He loves Brno for its atmosphere and frequent cultural events. Every time he accommodates guests he tries to give them as many tips as possible so that they can make the best of Brno. Besides his love for medicine, foreign languages and meeting new people, Ríša is also fond of cars, motorbikes and basketball.

Long-term Rental Department


Mgr. Ludmila Cvrčková Porkertová

Head of Long Term Department
Lída has many years of experience in client service, especially with regard to foreign trade. For her, real estate has always been a beloved long-term hobby. It is no surprise then that it eventually turned into her job. Lída likes to face challenges in complex projects, and enjoys negotiating and communicating with people. Meaningful and effective system, economically encouraging numbers and maximum client satisfaction are what fills Lída with positive energy and motivates her to grow.

Mgr. Vanda Bodová

Property manager
After finishing high school, Vanda was deciding between the Faculty of Education and Architecture. Even though she eventually graduated from the Faculty of Education, architecture and real estate have always strongly attracted her, and a few years ago she decided to work for Bohemian Estates. Vanda is mainly responsible for residential real estate. She loves her job because it is full of diversity, where it is necessary to understand grand variety of laws, accounting and taxation matters; but at the same time it cannot be done without the human element and interaction, especially negotiation and communication with people.

Andrea Špičková

Property manager
In the past, Andrea dealt mainly with administrative support and project coordination. In real estate management she often makes use of this experience and treats each property as a separate project, the main goal being its perfect condition and client satisfaction. She loves working at Bohemian Estates because it allows her to use foreign languages, and also appreciates the job´s diversity and great working team.

Karolína Burešová

Property manager
When Kája read our ad, she knew immediately that she wanted to work for Bohemian Estates and deal with property management. She always tries to provide at least 100% attention to every client. Despite the work sometimes being very demanding, it gives her complete sense of satisfaction. She loves being able to use her previous experience and learn a lot more. Kája graduated from high school and is currently studying marketing communication at VŠFS. She speaks English and German.

Ing. Anna Nedomová

Head of Long Term Department
Anička graduated from the University of Economics, and even before finishing her studies she decided to fully focus on real estate. The part of her job she appreciates the most is the diversity, as well as the wide range of knowledge and skills that are necessary. Besides great work she also cares deeply about her team, friendliness and team spirit being absolutely essential. Anička constantly works on herself and her team, both through internal training and further external education.
Michaela F.

Michaela Frličková

Property manager
Michaela has been working in property management for over three years. In her work she appreciates the diversity, number of disciplines that need to be mastered, everyday challenges and never-ending knowledge expansion. She especially loves the international environment of the company and wonderful working atmosphere, where teamwork is always the top priority. Michaela speaks fluent English and German, and is right now studying French, Spanish and Russian.

Bc. Barbora Gábelová

Property manager
Baru has been in the real estate business for over six years. She has always considered the field of real estate to be the most promising, and started to devote herself to it while studying at the University of Economics, Faculty of Economics. She is literally fascinated by real estate. She particularly enjoys everyday communication with people and the need for high-level communication skills. At Bohemian Estates she values her working team and company culture.

Bc. Jana Kňourková

Property manager
Janča has spent many years in human resources. After returning from Vietnam, she started to focus on real estate management, where she particularly appreciates the possibility to use high-level communication skills, work dynamics, international environment and the use of foreign languages. At Bohemian Estates she highly values the amazing work team. Janča is finishing her studies at the University of Economics, Faculty of Management, and speaks fluent English, French, Vietnamese and Chinese.

Technical Real Estate Management


Fáris Braham Bouchnak

Technik a závoz
Technician and Delivery man
Feri prostě frčí. 🙂 Pokud vedle vás v kanceláři na Těšnově někdo proběhne, jedná se s jistotou o Feriho. Distribuce klíčů, svoz a rozvoz prádla, různorodé technické a údržbové práce, řešení případných havárií na apartmánech, to je jen hrubý výčet toho, jak může vypadat jeden den našeho technika. Feri svou práci považuje za každodenní pozitivní výzvu, při které se učí mnoho nových věcí. Celý tým si na Ferim váží zejména jeho schopnosti se rychle rozhodnout a najít optimální řešení v jakékoliv situaci.

Ivan Chepa

Ivánek is a long-standing member of our team. He has already completed hundreds of jobs - repairs of apartments, furnishing and equipment. On working for Bohemian Estates he values especially the diversity, and his strongest motivation is the rewarding feeling of a 'job well done'. Ivan is always fast, efficient and reliable, and can well boast over hundreds of satisfied clients.

Radim Vinduška

Radim is very hardworking and skilful. In the past, he focused on furniture restoration and flooring, and also worked in a sawmill for a while. He loves dealing with wood and seeing the results of his work. If he is not working on a technical task, Radim shifts his attention to culture - he plays the guitar and likes to sing. In winter he turns into a skiing and snowboarding instructor.

Naši zákazníci


Spolupráce s Bohemian Estates byla naprosto bezproblémová.

Matějovská Tereza


Perfektní servis a velmi vstřícné jednání při pronájmu bytu.

Lucie Otadovská a Josef Kvasnička


Ukázkový projev realitního makléře. Rozhodně patříte ke špičce v oboru.

Jaroslav Šimonka


Jsem velmi spokojen s flexibilitou, rychlostí a férovým přístupem.

Václav Štrupl


Jsme mile překvapeni, že menší realitka fungovala mnohem lépe než gigant.

Martina Ševčíková s rodinou


Koupi bytu se podařilo realizovat rychle a bez jakýchkoli komplikací.

doc. Mgr. Tomáš Holub Ph.D. a Alena Holubová


Oceňujeme vôľu riešiť problémy a vyhovieť nám ako klientom.

Ing. Dušan Hupka a Jana Hupková


Tým pracoval profesionálně a systematicky bez ohledu na čas za běžné ceny v realitní branži.

Zdeňka a Miroslav Petrovi


Vše, co bylo potřeba zařídit, se uskutečnilo bez problémů.

Ing. Vojtěch Sopoušek


Velmi ochotný a vstřícný přístup při výběru a koupi mého bytu.

Roman Pazderka


Postupovali naprosto transparentně, seriózně a s nadstandardní péčí.

Ing. Tomáš Kindl


Zákazníkovi skutečně vycházejí vstříc, jdou nad rámec běžných povinností.

Aleš Burger


Všechno proběhlo bez zádrhelů.

Ing. Hana Drudikova


Nákup a následný pronájem proběhl na vysoké odborné a komunikační úrovni.

Vladimír Neuman


Musím vyzdvihnout úroveň hypotečního poradenství, získala jsem velice výhodný úvěr.

Lenka Sýkorová


Vidíme, že znáte velmi dobře trh, máte kontakty a důvěru klientů.

Mgr. Irena Krčmářová


Perfektní servis a velmi vstřícné jednání při pronájmu bytu.

Lucie Otadovská a Josef Kvasnička


Díky profesionálním službám s osobním přístupem jsem výměnu bytu absolvoval s úsměvem.

Martin Blažíček


Velmi si vaší práce vážím a rád se na vás znovu obrátím.

Ing. Hubert Petrusek


Many thanks to you and all your colleagues who provided a great service for us over the last 10 years.

Mr. Cathal

Dear David, on behalf of Thomas Kathy and myself, I would like to record our appreciation for your efforts over the years. Since you first got involved in the management of the Canfield property your professionalism and integrity has always been exemplary and a source of great comfort to us. It was through your initiative that we first met and I would like to think that not only did we forge a mutually beneficial relationship but we also developed a personal friendship that will continue to endure. You will always be welcome in Ireland and hopefully you will make a trip with your family in the near future. 


Naši partneři


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