Buy to let property in the Czech Republic

We can secure a profitable investment of any scope. From a single flat to residential or commercial building and then we take care of its management and rental, so you can reap its returns.

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Who is this service intended for

For everyone, who justly considers property investment the best way of money appreciation. You may want to live in the flat, provide for future generations or rent it out. Our clients are not only big investors but also owners of single investment flats.

What is the yield from an investment property

Typical yield from rent of an investment property is about 3–4 % p. a.. We reach yield up to 7% p. a.

Moreover, the value of property rises in time. That usually means you sell it for more than you had bought it. Therefore, the average year-on-year return of properties we have recommended and subsequently managed is 9,7% p. a.

How to invest in rental property

Property investment is usually an investment with a long-term strategy, which commonly requires a few years. There are 3 stages to making the investment as profitable and as secure as possible, each of them requiring significant effort and knowledge. Bohemian Estates services cover your investment with the following solutions:

Nákup investice

1. Property purchase

  • monitoring of property purchase
  • Immediate notification of the best offers
  • Unique offers from auctions, foreclosed properties, privatisations and tenders
  • Assessment of suitability of the property for the investment
  • Negotiating of price reduction
  • Avoiding risks and legal and structural defects
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Správa  investice

2. Poperty management

  • Finding tenants
  • Communication with tenants, authorities, maintenance people and suppliers
  • Rent collection
  • Reminders and legal enforcement of overdue rent payments
  • Accounting
  • Legal services
  • Other operational duties
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Prodej investice

3. Property salte

  • Property advertising
  • Communication with potentional buyers and tenants
  • Maximization of the price
  • Legal services
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Why invest with Bohemian Estates

Let‘s have a look at some examples of properties we have sourced for our clients. We have managed them, increased their value and sold them.

Example of an investment in rental flat financed through mortgage (53 m2) for 5 years

1 bedroom flat, 53 m2, Zličínský Dvůr, Prague - Zlíčín, mortgage 85 % LTV

CZK mil.


Own financial resources390,000 CZK
Mortgage2,588,033 CZK
Management fees100,188 CZK
Fee for sale121,000 CZK
Total3,199,221 CZK
Sale price2,600,000 CZK
Operational costs599,221 CZK
Total3,199,221 CZK
CZK mil.


Purchase price3,700,000 CZK
Rental income828,000 CZK
Total4,528,000 CZK

Total income before tax: 1,328,779 CZK

Appreciation of money341 %
Appreciation of money p.a.57 %

Example of investment financed by own financial resources (58,25 m2) for 10 years

Studio, 58,25 m2 with a parking lot, Slunečný vršek, Prague - Hostivař, own financial resources

CZK mil.


Own financial resources2,305,305 CZK
Management fees156,816 CZK
Fee for sale127,050 CZK
Total2,589,171 CZK
Sale price2,305,305 CZK
Operational costs283,866 CZK
Total2,589,171 CZK
CZK mil.


Purchase price3,500,000 CZK
Rental income1,296,000 CZK
Total4,796,000 CZK

Total income before tax: 2,206,829 CZK

Appreciation of money96 %
Appreciation of money p.a.10 %

Our clients testify


I have known Bohemian for a number of years and have always found them highly professional. Bohemian is run like a family business so it's ethos is one of care for both it's staff and clients, which I believe is the sort of business model that many will find themselves comfortable with. Highly recommended! Bob Sharpe, Senior Partner at Summerhouse Consulting LLP"
Bob Sharpe


As a UK investor, investing overseas, finding a good trustworthy management agent is key to sanity. After having a bad experience with a Prague based agent I moved to Bohemian Estates International. Bohemian have, to date, more than lived up to my high expectations. They are extremely thorough, efficient, professional, great value for money and most importantly trustworthy. I would have no hesitation in recommending their service to any property owner who is looking to maximise the return on their investment and minimise the time spent having to deal with issues."
Mark Farrell


Wow that's what I call service! (I'm referring to BE here not the bank!) Many, many thanks Katerina for helping me out here, I appreciate it is above and beyond the call of duty as my rental company! Thanks David, I hope we will meet one day, so I can thank you in person! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company, I have a few other overseas property investments and yours is the only rental agency I could say that of!"
Corinne MacKenzie


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Property investment is not a lottery. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information!


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