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What risks are connected with purchasing a house or flat?

Purchasing a property has lots of risks, that can bring a lot of inconvenience and financial loss to a layman. There is a lot at risk – often life savings. Based on our experience we identify 2 main risks:

  1. Conflict of interest of a real estate agent. Motivation of a common real estate agency is selling the property and getting a fee for the deal. It is not in their best interest to point at the deficiencies of the property. Real estate agencies side with the seller. The buyer therefore often faces unfair or even dangerous conditions – he or she can buy a property with technical or legal defects. You can rely on Bohemian Estates to objectively examine the property from all perspectives.
  1. Inaccessibility to the best offers. Today, when demand for properties is rising, getting access to the best offers is essential. Our unique monitoring system is scanning the market and the best offers are sent to you immediately after they appear.

Who is this service intended for?

For everyone who wants to buy a flat or a house and wants to have immediate access to the best offers. For everyone, who wishes to have a solid partner, who would help them to avoid troubles and save money.

How it works:

  • At our first meeting, we discuss details of property you are searching for
  • We start looking for suitable offers
  • We view the property
  • We prepare the necessary documents
  • We guide you through the whole process of property purchase from selection to the handover. We provide money safekeeping, communication with land registry, etc.

What we do for your property purchase:

  • Property sourcing. Our automatic system monitors all property advertisements from all real estate agencies.
  • Immediate notification on the best offers right after they appear on the market. Swiftness may be essential in the purchase of a property.
  • Offers of properties for special prices. We monitor auctions, closed sales, tenders and foreclosed properties, where the prices might become 30% cheaper in comparison to the common market price.
  • Negotiating a discount. A real estate specialist is at your side and will use professional arguments to reduce the price.
  • Property inspection. Our technician will focus on possible defects; you will receive the results of the inspection. Meanwhile, our legal department will examine legal aspects of the property.

6 reasons why you should purchase property with Bohemian Estates:

  1. Be the first to get access to the best properties. Thanks to automatic monitoring of property advertisements from all real estate agencies you will be notified of the best offers immediately after they appear on the market. Swiftness is essential.
  2. You get access to exceptional offers: non-public offers, auctions, foreclosed properties, closed sales and tenders.
  3. We save your time. You do not have to endlessly search the Internet and compare offers.
  4. We save your money. We negotiate a discount for you.
  5. You will not buy a pig in a poke. Our specialist will inspect technical and legal aspects of the property.
  6. We are at your side. We do our best in the interest of the buyer.

How much it costs:

For complex service of property purchase you would pay:

  • A deposit of 5000 CZK. If we do not find any property you will get the deposit back.
  • If you buy the property from a real estate agency we charge 1,5% from the purchase price, event. 10% from the negotiated discount.

These fees plus VAT cover all our expenses.


Let's have a look at some examples of properties we have purchased for our clients:

Example of a flat purchase from a real estate agency

Your requirements: To buy a flat after renovation, one bedroom, in Prague 7, max 4 million CZK.

Our job:

  • We perform a search and make a selection from property advertisements from real estate agencies: you save about 15 hours.
  • We do 7 viewings on average and evaluate whether the property is suitable for you: you save 10 hours
  • We inspect the structural condition. We reveal badly installed flooring and faulty plumbing in the bathroom. We negotiate a reduction from the purchase price: you save 100 000 CZK
  • We inspect the contracts (if issued by the seller). We reveal flaws in the ownership deed, which would invalidate the sale. How much you save: priceless.
  • We negotiate a discount. We reduce the original purchase price of 4 million CZK. to 3,9 million CZK. You save: 100 000 CZK.

We charge you a fee of 1,5% from purchase price (58 500 CZK) a 10% from negotiated price (20 000 CZK) – total 78 500 CZK + DPH.
Compare the 25 hours of work with a 200 000 CZK discount from the purchase price.

Example of a flat purchase from an auction

Your requirements: To buy a flat, 2 bedrooms, for renovation, in the centre of Brno.

Our job:

  • We find suitable auctions. You save: about 30 hours.
  • We prepare all documents for the auctions. You save: 3 hours.
  • We assess offers, the market price and yield of the investment and we suggest an auction strategy
  • We inspect the structural condition of the flat
  • We examine all documents
  • You buy a flat that is worth 4 million on the market for 3,6 million CZK. You save 400 000 CZK.

We charge 1,5% from the purchase price (54 000 CZK + VAT).

TIP: Make your new flat generate a nice income!

If you wish to rent your new property we would be very happy to help you to get rid of hassle connected to advertisement, viewings, repairs, control of rent payments and communication with tenants. A what will you do? You just reap the yields while we take care of everything.

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Avoid troubles with purchasing property and get what you want!


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