Mortgage service

The mortgage department at Bohemian Estates is a certified partner of all local mortgage banks. We ensure the best rate without you having to ask in every single bank.

Ing. Mila Faustus


How it works

Are you looking for a suitable property or you have already chosen it and now you are seeking a mortgage? Do not lose time by running from bank to bank and authority to authority. We can solve everything at one meeting – afterwards we meet in the bank for a final meeting when signing a mortgage contract with the best rate.

Our work does not end after signing the best possible mortgage contract. During the process of paying back your mortgage, the bank is sending you offers of their updated interest rates. They usually do it shortly before the date of the expiry of the fixed interest rate so that you do not have enough time to discuss better rates with other banks. We therefore keep an eye on the fixed interest rate date and will provide you with the best offer in time. If you follow our recommendation you will not pay the credit back to the same bank and you will save lot of money on the interest rates.

What we provide for you

  • We provide all communication with the land registry, an assessor and banks.
  • A legal advisor will be available for you.
  • Thanks to exceptional relationships with the banks we will provide the best mortgage conditions, tailored to your needs.
  • We provide consultancy, calculation, communication with banks, choice of the best mortgage, personal assistance in bank, help with mortgage insurance.
  • You will save lot of money and time.
  • We will be available anytime during the lasting of the mortgage,
  • we will help you with change of interest rates and if in difficulty with repaying.

How much it costs

Do not worry, all mortgage services are free.

Why have a mortgage through Bohemian Estates

Everything is in one place with a professional team, from finding a suitable property to financing it according to your needs.

Comprehensive processing of possible mortgage conditions, ensuring contractual documents are sound.

A mortgage specialist is available not only before signing the contract but also for its duration.

Our clients testify


Hello all, I am very grateful for the help that you are all providing to get my issues resolved - Hana, your assistance with banking/mortgage problems is excellent, thank you - Anna, Katerina, getting the service charges and fees for each unit straightened out will help my planning greatly, thank you"
Neil Robinson


Jitka has handled a rather complex mortgage application for me with great success. She was able to succeed where many others have broken their swords. She is a gem. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jitka to anyone looking for a mortgage"
Maxim Usatov

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We ensure the best rate without you having to ask in every single bank.


Mila Faustus
Mortgage specialist

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